To capture and empower black women and girls to love their bodies and own their unique beauty—one story at a time.


 About the blog:

Black women are not a monolith. We do not all look the same. This blog is a statement about the power, beauty and uniqueness of every black girl in world that does not capture or celebrate the fullness of black women. It is meant to be disruptive.

About the Creator and Editor-in-Chief: Lenora Houseworth-Weston

As a writer, beauty maven, social media strategist, Lenora leverages her passions creating this project.

Growing up, Lenora says she remembers her struggles with ongoing weight and body issues due to health challenges and a lifelong chronic illness as a child. 

"I remember thumbing through magazines as a little girl and not seeing anyone that looked like me or shared my story-defininitely not any black women. That affects you in your formative years especially," says Lenora. "I think it is important for each of us to take our power back and stand in our individual beauty, acknowledging the challenges we constantly overcome."

With that, Lenora began a social media campaign on Instagram, where women can share their story of body love and their self-acceptance journey. 

Lenora has contributed to several publications as a writer in places such as TED Talks, Glaad.org and Essence.com writing on topics like women empowerment, beauty, social justice and tech.