WATCH: Serena Williams Talks Her Fears About Pregnancy in New HBO Special


Serena Williams is an athlete of superhero strength, but she wants you to know she is also human.

In her new HBO docuseries Being Serena, Williams talks about her life juggling being a mother, wife and world-class tennis star returning to the court after having her daughter, Alexis Olympia last year. 

"I was like, 'How am I going to get through this?" says the 36-year old in a clip from the docuseries about competing in (and eventually winning) the 2017 Australian Open. 

Serena has opened up about the complications with her pregnancy in a recent Vogue article, where she talks having saved her own life during delivery and her struggles healing postpartum.  Now fans will get to see the tennis star's journey after baby up close.

The debut episode of the five-part series Being Serena airs May 2nd on HBO.