Naturalista Annisa LiMara Shares What Keeps Her Color-Treated Curls Popping and Lessons Learned on Her Hair Journey

Source: Annisa LiMara

Source: Annisa LiMara

LH: I looove your hair. The cut is bomb. Were you ever insecure about your hair? 

AL: Yes, I've definitely been insecure about my hair especially because I've kept it short for three years now...being in the natural hair community, length is an obession so sometimes I wish my hair was longer. Plus brands ain't trying to work with you with a buzzcut *LOL* even though scalp health is just as important a topic but I digress! BUT generally speaking, I'm almost always in love with my hair!! 

LH: What are some of your favorite products for your natural hair, especially having hair color?

AL: I really LOVE Aveda's Madder Root Color Shampoo and Conditioner because it brightens my hair and serves as a color refresh without having to process my hair. I also really love any product that promotes moisture, I especially love Deva Curl Heaven In Hair treatment and Jane Carter Solution Curls To Go Co Wash (really the entire collection)!

Source: Annisa LiMara

Source: Annisa LiMara


LH: What was the scariest thing you have done to your hair and why? 

AL: A BUZZCUT AND COLORED IT PLATINUM BLONDE!!! It was the scariest, boldest and most fierce I've ever felt with my hair! It was so liberating and I have a pretty cute shaped head so if I ever get tired of my hair I know I can shave it all off and ROCK IT! My inspiration was seeing one of my faves beauty vloggers shave hers and I was like, yep, I want that lol. My only regret is that I didn't keep it that way longer!

Source: Annisa LiMara

Source: Annisa LiMara


LH: What is your advice to anyone thinking of going natural that you wish you knew when you began your hair journey to what it is today?

AL: Stay away from the heat! Haha! Flat ironing my hair literally destroyed my hair for the first 7 years I was natural, although, I didn't realize it at the time. I had no idea what my curls looked like until it was cut all of and I realize even thought my hair was curly, it was severely heat damaged. However, at the time, we didn't have all of the resources, products and tutorials we have now so I would advice to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the movement!

LH: How would you describe the importance of your hair as a black woman?

AL: I've always known the importance of hair in our community because we spent soooo much time on it. Whether you were relaxed, natural or otherwise, but now I realize how much it has brought us together more than ever. We can really talk hours about our experiences and relate to each other in a way that we haven't before which is beautiful. 

LH: What is one thing about your body that you once hated but now embrace?

AL: I used to hate my legs! I grew up with ezcema and severe allergies so my legs were horrible! Until I got to college and the ezcema began to ease up and my legs finally became much better. I also realized that I have shapely legs so now you can't stop me from wearing my legs out whenever I can! 

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